Thursday, May 12, 2005

Language of Love and Film

I have recently started taking a film class for the fun of it. It's not my first one, mind you, but I have been spoiled in the past: those teachers could all speak French, and this one, the poor graduate student that she is, cannot. For someone who has studied film so intensely, she is utterly clueless as to how to pronounce the terms she so often uses to pepper her speech. Here are some prime examples from today's class (bold indicates an improperly accented syllable):

what she tried to say vs. what came out:

fin-de-siècle = fan-de-sickle
milieu = mulyuh
Jean-Paul Belmondo = John-Pel Belmondo

The girl does get points for coming and asking me how to pronounce Nièpce, however. She should prove to be a gold mine for this blog. Coming soon: my experiment with Les Misérables ticket buyers.

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