Friday, July 16, 2010

No Embouteillage Here!

A DIY clip from France on how to open a bottle of wine without a corkscrew has been making the rounds on Facebook and other platforms lately. Pat Kiernan, a morning news anchor in New York City, posted it on his blog, Pat's Papers, and it took off like, well, a busted champagne cork.

Here's the original video, methodically demonstrated by a well-dressed Frenchman:

Once he posted, people began asking Pat if he'd tried it, and so he did, with mixed results:

Here are some pointers, Pat:
  • First of all, you must be French for this process to be quick and painless. As a Canadian, you are a British subject, so obviously the French are not going to make anything unnecessarily easy for you. You know that!
  • Second,  though you got the premier prix memo, I think the plastic cork sabotaged you.
  • Third, and most importantly, as demonstrated in the French video, you must use a shoe that would be likely to be worn by Bomb Voyage.
P.S. - Pat, I'd like to know when the World Series of Pop Culture is coming back - I think next time, it should be a showdown between the smart asses who won that show and the geeks from Beat the Geeks. That would be entertaining.

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