Thursday, July 13, 2006

Invitation to Embarrassment

As seen on a recently-received wedding invitation:

Réspondez, s'il vous plaît

...Only the verb répondre doesn't have an 's' in it as it does in English. That's what tipped me off to the fact that they were probably homemade invitations (and surprisingly well-done ones, at that). However, if it turns out that they were bought and paid for, well, she should demand her money back!


El Güero said...

You're back! I was getting worried...thought you'd been stranded on a deserted tropical island.

This is one of my pet hard is it to check a dictionary or ask someone before printing something like that?

This is Sangroncito, by the way. I had a moment of temporary insanity and I ended Sangroncito's World. That lasted about a week and then I realized I enjoy blogging and missed my blog pals. So I've been reincarnated as "El Güero", and my new blog is "Razing Borders".
Welcome back! I'm writing this from Mexico, by the way.

Neil said...

Congratulations, married blogger!

jadedprimadonna said...

Glad to have you back! I think you're doing the right thing. She'd be crushed, and she's blissfully unaware now.

BeckEye said...

Sorry, I've been away a while. Congrats on the wedding!

Fitèna said...

Moi c'est les histoires de lune de miel que j'attend! lol! Contente de te revoir!
Yes, she should demand her money back (and use the cards still?)