Monday, January 09, 2006

Ceci n'est pas un urinoir

There is something to be said for participatory art, but this is just ridiculous:

PARIS - A French performance artist was arrested for taking a small hammer to Marcel Duchamp's "Fountain," the factory-made urinal that is considered the cornerstone of conceptual art.

The porcelain urinal was slightly chipped in the hammering, which took place Wednesday during the final days of a Dada exhibition at the Pompidou Center. [full article]

The article goes on to report that at least three of the other "original replicas" of this piece have been urinated on by men over the years. I wouldn't even give them credit for "making an artistic statement"; I'd just attribute the whole thing to laziness. Walk a few extra feet to the sink, buddy. Let's face it: after one person's done it, it's no longer an "artistic statement", it's just copycatting.

Photo: My photo of "Fountain", pre-vandalism, taken in 2002.


BeckEye said...

Performance art is the last frontier for hopelessly weird or deranged people.

Neil said...

That's terrible what he did. To destroy someone else's art in the name of art is really sad.

Fitèna said...

Des gouts et des couleurs, on ne dicute pas but this is extreme. (chuckles)

PS: I like ur blog, j'ai eu le link à travers lesite de Neil.

Sangroncito said...

That pisses me off! (pun intended)