Monday, November 21, 2005

Joyeux Anniversaire à Moi

Yesterday was my birthday. It really was an enjoyable one: the weather was beautiful, and Marc gave up watching the first quarter of the Steelers-Ravens game to take me all the way out to Beaver to see the Granati Brothers' scrapbook on display. Then we headed to a bar to finish watching the game before coming home to a huge pan of homemade lasagna, courtesy of the "other" birthday girl, my momma.

That's right, folks: I'm the gift that keeps on giving--I was my mother's birthday present 23 years ago yesterday. The Beatles' song "Birthday" was written for us! I always make a point of playing it as soon as we both wake up.

I got some very nice gifts. I got some Lancôme makeup from my parents, a Hallmark gift card from my little sister (I keep that place in business!), and The Golden Girls Season 2 DVD from Marc. He also gave me the most adorable card:

Pepe!!! He sure knows how to make me happy. The front of the card shows Pepe sitting at a sidewalk cafe with a delivery truck in the background and says, "I have a birthday kiss for you..." and on the inside, "...where would you like me to deliver it?" Personally, I think it should have said, "I 'ave a birzday kees for you...where would you lak me to dileever eet?"

My aunt also got me a gag gift of sorts--it's a "kinetic frog" thing for my desk at work. It's got two metal frogs that revolve inside a metal ring. Both the ring and the frogs have opposing magnets inside, so they go in opposite directions. Round and round and round they's the perfect thing to keep me mesmerized for hours when I should be doing actual "work". Get it? Frogs. Ha ha.

Thanks to all who made my birthday a happy one :-)


BeckEye said...

Happy belated birthday! I loooove Lancome.

I also love Pepe. My favorite Pepe line is "Come wis me to zee casbah, where we will make byootiful muzic togezzer...muah muah muah". Heh heh. Those stupid girl cats. How could they refuse such a cutie? So he has some personal hygiene issues, so what.

Sangroncito said...

Happy Birthday...Feliz Aniversario...Feliz Cumpleaños! (ok, those are the three languages I know....).
AND...Happy Thanksgiving, too. May it be full of family and friends.
"See you" next week....Abraço (hug), Sangroncito

Melanie said...

Thank you Beckeye and Sangroncito! :-)

la.dauphine said...

You're parents get you Lancome for your birthday?! They must looooove you!!

Lauren said...

Golden Girls! What a great present! Happy Birthday